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<translations> we offer a full range of language services, in combination with almost all languages of the world, including interpreting, ordinary and sworn translations, subtitle translations for video, audio translations, creating scripts for conversations, game translations, phone calls, etc. We specialize in cooperating with companies, providing marketing translations and language marketing (running multilingual social media profiles, multilingual advertising campaigns) </>
EnglishGermanCroatianSlovenianBosnianMontenegrinSerbianMacedonianBulgarianRomanianMoldovanAlbanianHungarianTurkishGreekItalianCzechSlovakLithuanianLatvianEstonianUkrainianBelarusianKazakhArmenianGeorgianAzeriHebrewSwedishFinnishNorwegianDanishIcelandicFrenchSpanishCatalanDutchPortugueseBrazilian PortugueseChineseJapaneseKoreanArabicKhmerPashtoPersianAfrikaansFlemishHindiIndonesianMalteseSwahiliTajikThaiTurkmenUzbekVietnamesePolish
Due to its widespread availability, English seems like a simple one. Almost everyone feels competent to do English translations. This wrong approach can cost the most especially where English brings its greatest value, in the language of media and advertising. You better not bear this cost.
German, known for its accuracy and precision of information, is often a language of technical documentation, certificates and quality tests. In addition, it constantly evolves, combining what’s German and foreign. Translation therefore requires flexibility, yet we like such challenges.
Croatian is demanding not only because of its construction and varieties, but also because of the wide diversity between „common speech” and the official language. Recent history has made the language to continuously form itself, but our translators always keep it up to date.
It’s truly worth investing in Slovenian. This extremely difficult language opens the gate to a small country of very enterprising people. Krka and Gorenje are brands known Europewide, but Slovenia is not only these companies. Almost all industries find great conditions to grow there.
When translating Bosnian, the recipient of the text must be particularly taken into consideration. Our translators guarantee this scrupulosity and caution. In many aspects, untouched Bosnia and Herzegovina is now an excellent field for creative investors. Be creative. Become one of them.
We are one of the few companies that offers Montenegrin. Translations in this relatively young language require constant updating of recent knowledge and observation of upcoming changes within the Montenegrin market and society. Our interdisciplinary approach works here just perfectly.
Serbs are a proud nation with a long and difficult history, and Serbian and Cyrillic have always been a guarantee of their national identity. We are proud that we’ve been helping Serbian companies for years now. For new technology purposes, we offer Serbian written in Latin alphabet.
There are very few translators who are fluent in Macedonian, and even fewer who can preserve the marketing nature of advertising materials, slogans, campaigns, etc. We are more than happy that our team has been supporting companies in this complicated field for years now.
Bulgarian is such a specific Slavic language. While retaining Slavic words, it does not follow, so unique Slavic declension and has a lot of oriental influences. However, we perfectly deal with this clash of civilizations in translated texts.
Romanian is a part of one of the fastest growing markets in Europe, and our translators every day win the struggle to translate texts into this one of the most beautiful sounding languages of the old continent. Providing support to companies developing the Romanian economy brings us fun.
Moldovan is not a problem for our translators. However, it requires their special vigilance due to the occurring archaisms, regionalisms and borrowings from Slavic. Especially when it comes to the languages of smaller nations, it's worth relying on professionals.
Albanian, like Albanians and Albania itself, is so unique that in the case of translation with Albanian there is no other way than just to pass it to translators, who, in addition to linguistic knowledge, also have extensive recognition of the country and its culture. Yes, this means us.
Hungarian is among the most difficult languages worldwide. Translations into Hungarian are not the cheapest, but they give you a refund many, many times. Hungarians who love their native speech are maybe even willing to accept a foreign company that has put heroic effort in using it.
For centuries, Turkish was the language of commerce, trade routes and exchange of goods between eastern and western merchants. However, don't let the beautiful Turkish melody put a spell on you. Behind it, there is a very rich and complicated language. Indispensable in the clothing, knitwear and textile industry.
It may seem that Greek, which in its ancient version together with Latin gave a solid foundation for many European languages, will be popular and widely known. Though, difficult grammar, a specific alphabet and Greek temperament, give the language considerable difficulty. Nonetheless, our translators dances this sunny sirtaki very well.
Italian is a lively, flowing language, following the moods and temperament of the Italians themselves. Therefore, especially considering marketing and advertising texts, far-reaching creativity in choosing the proper words shall be demonstrated. Fortunately, our team is being constantly supported by multilingual copywriting.
Czech language, like the Czechs themselves, carries a huge dose of joyful freedom, but also an ironic wisdom that can reveal and make fun of the slightest false note. When it comes to translations with Czech, it is worth being vigilant, because first impression is made only once and better for good.
For many years, Slovak language was wrongly omitted, and as a combination named Czechoslovakian even mistakenly removed. So if you restore its proper place you scoop the pot. There are matters where no nation in the world can be more different from Czechs than the Slovaks. We do not make this mistake and do not allow you to make it.
Lithuanian is present in Europe not only among drivers of transport companies and on the documentation attached to the highest quality food products from Lithuania. Lithuanians are getting rich quite fast, therefore it pays off to strive for their market of middle and premium class products.
It should be remembered that the Baltic seaport countries generate a gigantic movement of goods and services in relation to their relatively small populations. Latvian language is therefore an indispensable component of communication for companies that want to be named as European players.
Estonia, like the other Baltic countries, is one of the gates of the European Union to trade with the countries of the former bloc of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Estonian language, even though extremely difficult, is economically justified, by giving companies a significant advantage on the market.
Very often, entrepreneurs mistakenly ignore the Ukrainian language, thinking that Russian for business communication in Ukraine is just fine. This statement is only half true. In the current political situation, the use of the national language of Ukrainians shows even greater respect than before.
Belarusian language, despite not even being the main language in Belarus, shall definitely not be marginalized. The use of translations in Belarusian not only shows respect for a large group of the country citizens using it, but also puts the company on defined side of striving for ever undermined sovereignty.
Few people know that Kazakhstan is a real gazelle market nowadays. Cities such as Almaty or Nursultan (formerly Astana) grow like grass after spring rain on the steppe. Although it is possible to operate in Kazakhstan with just the Russian language, many times it is much better to invest in the Kazakh.
Armenia still has not experienced a tourist boom that Georgia has and the increased development and consumption resulting of it. However, it is worth not to miss this moment and catch a speeding Armenian train. Armenian language gives the company a ticket for it.
Georgian language tempts and excites with its voiced melody and beautifully ornamented alphabet. Companies, however, should be interested in the fact that Georgia is currently building, developing, selling, buying and being visited by crowd of guests from abroad. Opening to this direction can only bring you benefits.
Anyone who has ever watched the matches of the Atletico Madrid football team knows that Azerbaijan is a land of fire in which economic success is slowly forged. Azeri translations can make this success be much closer for so many companies. Just a step ahead. Interested?
Hebrew can cause a lot of trouble for translators, not only because of the difficult grammar and right-to-left writing of documents. When creating messages in Hebrew, one should weigh the words well, so as not to disturb the harmony so precious to its users.
Swedish is not only the official language in Sweden, but also a basic tool for communication for many Finns. Striving for a very demanding customer accustomed to the highest quality from a country of three crowns, one cannot forget about professional translations.
Finnish is a huge difficulty in translating, therefore it has his high price due to a small number of truly qualified translators. It is a price worth paying though, because the trust of the Finns has no price, and the presence on the Finnish market puts your company in one row with the brands like Fazer, Ruuki or Fiskars.
Norwegian is perhaps the biggest challenge for our translators among all Scandinavian languages due to its diversity. Years of experience and continuous updating of knowledge, however, allow us to maintain the highest standards of Norwegian texts.
Except Denmark itself, the Danish language is also a communication tool for the citizens of northern Germany, Greenland, and as the second language to Faroese as the official language in the Faroe Islands. It's not always as easy to build sentences like Lego blocks, but you'll always build a solid Danish texts with us.
We are very proud of the fact that as one of the few companies we have been offering the Icelandic language on the market for years now. Extremely complicated language, known outside Iceland among really few translators arouses our absolutely huge excitement. Well, we love what we do.
Who did not translate a website, price offers or a catalog into French, or does not have French-speaking employees in the crew doesn’t really run an international company. French has 220 million users who have a huge potential of purchasing power. And France alone is a world key market.
Spanish speakers are close to 650 million people across all continents. This does not mean, however, that each of them can successfully translate this language. Spanish temperament can be only highlighted in promotional materials thanks to the deepest translational intuition.
Catalan language reaches a precisely defined audience, which is why when planning ads for Catalonia, Andorra or the Balearic Islands, it is worth doing them in Catalan and gaining a competitive advantage. Catalan translations are not much more expensive than Spanish, so it's not worth saving here.
Translations into Dutch are useful not only for companies due to obvious reasons, but also for the numerous people who have found their home and a place to live in multicultural cities of the Netherlands. Similar to English and German, Dutch is not simple, especially when it comes to pronunciation.
Portuguese, flowing, delicate and neatly cut like a fado songs, has been an important communication factor for centuries between Europe and South America and Europe and Africa. While Portuguese translations do not have to be a priority for companies, they shall be the second choice for sure.
Brazilian Portuguese
The South American version of Portuguese is not only a variant, but an independent language itself, drawing on local roots in vocabulary, phonetics and spelling. Brazilian Portuguese is understandable in Portugal and vice versa, but not using it in official circulation is simply a mistake.
Chinese allows to communicate more than a billion people in Asia, but the economic and political importance of China in the world has also led many people in Europe to learn Chinese. The difficulty is that there are few professional translators, yet they are in our team.
Interestingly, in a very traditional society, Japanese language is currently following in its great extent all the new technologies, new products on the pharmaceutical market, medical equipment, technological discoveries, games, applications and all the products related to the world of rich, stable societies.
Korean faces translators with its many challenges. Apart from the alphabet itself and the construction different from European patterns, the language of texts, especially commercial-related ones and direct communication is a fragile dance between cultural aspects and taboos. A simple mistake here can mean an insult.
Arabic is one of those few languages that are transnational, so when ordering Arabic translations, you pay just one price and open the door to 24 countries where this language is official. This is a value that definitely cannot be overlooked.
The oriental, exotic look of the alphabet and the intriguing melody of the language give it the a mystical aura. Indeed, the Khmer language is quite a mystery and very few translators know its secrets, and really few of them can translate it just like our translators do. Rare and beautiful value.
Pashto is the official language in Afghanistan, but it is also spoken in Pakistan. The use of Pashto is a considerable value, especially during unlimited migration from these regions to Europe. Our specialists will be happy to facilitate the understanding of the language and culture of proud Afghans.
Persian is the second, after Arabic, supra-territorial language, helping people from all Middle East countries to communicate to each other. Thanks to our translators, you make yourself easier communication with nearly 62 million of your potential business partners. It is worth to be a step ahead of the competition.
Many entrepreneurs say that the African continent will be the key factor to acquiring real fortunes in the next few decades. At the moment, despite its problems, South Africa seems to be leading the way in its development, so investment in Afrikaans seems to be such a natural choice.
The Belgian variant of Dutch, or so called Flemish, is the everyday language for almost half of the citizens of the country. Belgium is often mistakenly treated somewhat sideways when conducting marketing campaigns for the Benelux countries. We change this approach. And we are successful.
It’s impossible not to appreciate the language coming from a country of almost 1.5 billion people. India is the world's second largest giant after China. It is worth remembering, however, that this huge number of people is followed also by huge businesses that are increasingly more represented in the world.
Almost 200 million people use Indonesian on a daily basis, yet this number does not comply with the number of professional translators. We are proud that our team consists of people with extensive knowledge of the language and culture of Indonesia. Our clients also share this belief.
Maltese is a relatively small language of a small country and small population, however, knowing this language can be a perfect tool in targeted marketing, or e.g. in film industry for film and TV commercials production, since Malta has been one great film set for filmmakers for a long time now.
Swahili or so called Kiswahili language is a great communication tool in Central and Eastern Africa. Our portfolio complements the offer for entrepreneurs who are interested in acting for the development of their businesses and business contacts with African countries and people there.
Tajikistan remains one of the poorest countries in the region both among the Commonwealth of Independent States in the past and after its collapse. The Tajik language, therefore, remains a kind of exotic one, few translators know it fluently, but when the Tajik text appears, we are ready.
Thailand has recently been one of the most visited tourist destinations, a place with incredible nature, great cuisine and excellent organic products. More and more Europeans want to enjoy Thailand after returning home. We just help them find their simple way to do it.
Due to the political situation and the country's closure, the Turkmen language will probably remain on the far horizon of large businesses interest for a long time, this beautiful language shall not be stigmatized with the sins of its users. Therefore, if you need it, we are happy to provide Turkmen.
Uzbek language, like many languages of the Middle and Far East, exceeds the limits of its original existence. The example of Kazakhstan and even Azerbaijan shows that one cannot underestimate the eastern tigers of the market and the investment in Uzbek will most probably be a pioneering idea. However a good one.
Due to the spread around the world of the Vietnamese themselves, Vietnamese language is much more popular than it may seem and than the number of professional translators in combination with Vietnamese would tell. We are glad that our team includes people who call Vietnam their home.
Polish is one of the most difficult among all Slavic languages. What's more, It’s one of the most difficult languages in whole Europe. We never stop learning it, but we know its beauty so well that we dress our clients’ thoughts with an effective copywriting on a daily basis.
<marketing> we prefer comprehensive marketing service of our clients and marketing outsourcing, this way we manage advertising budgets more effectively regardless of their total amount, our goal remains long-term relationships focused on creating strategies, development plans as well as brand building and our customer presence on the market, thanks to language support we operate efficiently both locally and in an international environment </>
<market research> in a graphically attractive form, we provide professional and precise analyzes, regarding the development opportunities of companies, market competition, the potential of entire industries or specific products, our support is the result of analytical experience, creative graphic design and strategy based on marketing knowledge, thanks to an efficient translation services, analyzes can be either domestic and/or international </>
<IT solutions> our IT team can prepare from scratch up to a complete implementation almost any solution and tool dedicated to the characteristics of processes in your company, we offer, among others, mobile Android and iOS applications, launching and maintenance of websites and social media profiles in the country and language of your choice, a virtual office managing the customer relations and order flow, CRM systems, domain and e-mail maintenance, IT support for companies and many more </>
<the initiativables> our company was established on the solid foundation of grassroots work, we create and think globally to allocate generated profits to the local community and its initiatives, our priority in this field are sport (health promotion) and culture (educational mission), we cooperate with socially responsible companies, we run paid internships for students, we are the sponsor of football clubs KS Lechia Zielona Góra and TS Masterchem Przylep Zielona Góra, we work to live, never the opposite </>
of the company's income
in 2020 we allocated for public
benefit purposes related to sport and culture
<contact> we sincerely encourage both companies and individual clients to cooperate with us, if you have not found a specific service related to our business profile on this site, please send an e-mail inquiry or feel free to use a phone call, dedicated, professional help is our specialty, so it's always worth asking </>
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